What’s the Real Message by MM Lee?
23 June 2010
 Sheldon Adelson, Las Vegas Sands chairman, said: “I think the Minister Mentor is a little too pessimistic. I think we’ll be up and running at full speed by 2011.When MM Lee says: “MBS could take 3 – 7 years to reach full capacity”.

What Adelson didn't catch is that "there's no longer the case of build it and they will come"!


The IRs on high gear but business drivers still key to success

Being fuzzy Or No-standard?

Latest Update (12 Aug 2010)

More reasons to cover-up deficiencies... now the blames go to "unenlightened visitors" to the Pavillion

19 June 2010 Sat  (updated)     

This is a “quick Pick” of the local Chinese press report & forum of the Lion City State. Apparently it’s people are far from impressed with the Singapore Pavillion at the World Expo ground in Shanghai.
Basically the media reported that the agency responsible for the pavillion is lacking creativity and yet trying to under-estimate expo visitors’ taste and standards.
According to visitors feedback, majority of Singaporeans felt that it is just a piece of advertising corner (e.g. property development) inside the Pavillion and without any real attraction. It was also reported in media with some hinted that professional advice was not taken too seriously coupled with poor execution.
Counter-argument given: “It’s difficult to meet everybody’s tastes… some people like it this way… the way we present it”.  But as reported in the press forum, many Singapore visitors already felt that something was not right from the start… when they visited the Pavillion. 


Singaporeans too fuzzy OR the pavillion is too low standard?

On the media: "Something wasn't quite right from the start..."


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