Is About Sustainable Wagering Volume, Stupid! Genting Singapore IR Casino

Posted: May 16, 2015 in Uncategorized


An extraction of Singapore local media report on Genting Singapore (Sentosa) casino’s pathetic performance…

Assessment by Professional Ground: the bad in-flow of premium casino business to Sentosa casino would continue for at least another three years. Hence, under such a tight credit situation, Genting Singapore is caught in between a hard place and the rock!
On one hand, they cannot continue with the leakages – uncollectable bad debt; yet they need to continue to operate under CCF (chips credit facility) scheme/programmes.
Without CCF program, there’s no premium (VIP) casino business.
And, coupled with another not so good factor – Southeast Asian premium players must be motivated solely (almost all) by CCF before they would come.


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