Genting Singapore’s Major Blind-spot

Posted: March 5, 2015 in Uncategorized


By:  chief consultant, Professional Ground Expert Panel

The above media report hits the nail on the head.
In the past, Genting casinos could only based on one simple method to develop VIP business, that’s free use of credit.

In the more complex gaming arena these days, such out moulded way of VIP customer acquisition could only bring down casino’s profit.

Simply put, Genting thought it could operate like what’s in Macau, just using credit to run VIP business.
In fact, it shows that Genting is still very lacking in the real in-depth understanding of operating complex VIP vis-à-vis Junket operations. There’s more to just using credit to churn the business…

Our suggestion – A Sell rating.
Reason: Genting’s predicament in VIP services will not improve.
And, the mass gaming market in Singapore and South East Asia region are limited.


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