Genting Singapore ~ “Sell” Rating

Posted: February 26, 2015 in Uncategorized


By:  Professional Ground panel

Two major factors that kill Genting’s casino VIP business:

1.  Inability in (valued) customer acquisition; this is about what type of rolling chip program casino patrons the casino can solicit and maintain over longer period of time and frequent visits.

2.  Failed in sustaining VIP rolling chips High Turnover ratio. This is concerning the net non-negotiable chips volume every week/month that can be matched at very high level of wagers… In order to create higher win %.

As a matter of fact, if Genting RWS casino in the IR continues to operate under such limitations, there is no room for improvement at all…

The extremely low win% of 2.2% on rolling chip programmes already proves a very dire situation; unless the management continues to look elsewhere!



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