The Going Tends For Junket Operation In Macau & Its Implications On Singapore Casinos

Posted: December 1, 2014 in Uncategorized


Commentary on the extracted media report

By:  Professional Ground

Investment analysts have to take note of the following:

– the dire tends for Macao’s Junket operators will stay for at least up to June 2005 of not longer throughout next year.

– Macau casinos have no choice but to negotiate with Junket operators to lower the commission to 1.5% or lower as the volume may continue to drop.

– Junket operators in the past have been over reliance on Chinese VIP source but going forward they have to learn to complete for East Asian clients from Japan, Taiwan and Korea.

– it must be noted that mass gaming market in Macau enclave has already hit the ceiling. Not much is left for further digging, against the backdrop of over supply of mass gaming tables.

Singapore casinos have also indicated a clear tend – that both the domestic and overseas markets cannot support continued growth of mass gaming revenue!
To make things worse, Singapore casino scene will not accommodate a full-blown Junket operating ground, in view of its right casino regulatory regime.


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