Sands China Ltd HK1928 Will Hit HK$50 Target Price

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Uncategorized


Assessment by:   Professional Ground casino experts panel

2 Sep 2013  Mon

Final word – As we had evaluated previously,  Sands China casino property in Macau would do well after the change over of Chinese leadership (the 18th CP Congress). We had also envisioned that by mid 2013 onwards Macau’s VIP gaming sector would revive considerably with increased volume of non-negotiable chip transactions. We hope some investors took our advice earlier and make some good gains on this counter.

It is highly probable that Sands China Ltd.  counter (HK 1928) may even rise above HK$54 level by mid  2014.
This year,  China’s GDP growth may still hit above 7% originally targeted for.
By 2015 China is poised again to go for 8.5% GDP growth.

Recommendation:   Strong Buy


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