Genting Singapore May Not Be Such A Good Bet…

Posted: July 20, 2013 in Uncategorized


Singapore media commentary,
By:   Professional Ground casino expert panel


The above statement “Yet if the buzz holds true about Chinese high-rollers making g their way back to Macau’s gaming tables, then prospects for Genting should brighten as well since it attracts a similar crowd of players.” remains the most uneducated guess of all time!

Macau gaming landscape and momentum are extremely different from Singapore. The two gaming localities are entirely of different jurisdictions and in management concept.
China and Hong Kong based junket operations are world’s apart from Singapore’s IMA (International Marketing Agents ).

Readers may read other posted articles in this blog to find out  WHY it isn’t a bed of roses for Genting Singapore casino…

Genting Spore shares are not such a good bet after all…
But if you were to believe another unintelligible statement, “… and anticipates that the counter (Genting ) may enjoy further upside, if Japan opens up to the casino industry.” That’s provided Genting gets the licence in Japan. Anyway, the hope is extremely dim. Unless LVS Sands, Wynn and MGM do not take part in the bids.


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