Can Genting Singapore Go To Japan?

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

Media extracts

By:  casino expert panel

Our Assessment Is – A Very Long Shot

All these talks about Genting having lots of hard cash etc. are just blowing hot air with regard to Japan casino venture.

First and foremost, the Japanese gambling groups are cash rich as well, especially the Pachinko enterprises.

Secondly the Pachinko groups of syndication won’t allow Genting group (or for that matter Lisbao Macau) to enter their turf.

Thirdly, there is no casino market opening up until the Pachinko (industry) sharing a big pie of it. You must be nuts to think that outsiders could just walk into Japanese market and run the show on such lucrative BUSINESS on their own?!

Remember, Pachinko and Japanese politicians are all in one for long time.

Even if Japan truly legislates casinos for foreign entry, Sands and Wynn are having better chance than Malaysian casino operator… Americans come first. And, it has to be joint venture and not wholly foreign owned.

So, think before you push Genting’s share too high with unrealistic expectations.  It remains just an illusion for Genting. 



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