Singapore Casinos Lack of Powerful Junket System

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Media extracts

By: Profesional Ground expert panel

This Is The Main Reason…  That Casino Debts Are High

We had mentioned in the past many occasions about why Singapore casinos (Genting and MBA) would continue to rack up gambling bad debts,  yet struggling along to grow their VIP business.

The mainland Chinese high-rollers are simply too smart for the two casinos.

Thai VIP market is of the same issue, I.e. they want to play (bet) with credits and not so much on hot cash.

So, this is the obvious.
The two casinos would continue with their journey of high credit risk with VIP business under an extremely restrictive gaming jurisdiction.
Local patrons? Forget about further expansion of this pool. The local authority is closing in on “financially vulnerable” gamblers…


Another Indication is the dwelling down of casino gamblers from the neighborhood Malaysian state of Johor.
Our assessment remains that both Genting Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands casino revenue growth will be flat, at best on single digit upside trend.


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