Genting Goes Japan? It Got To Be A Joke

Posted: December 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Singapore news extracts

8 Dec 2012   Sat

Why It’s A Joke, Really.

The extracted news report is self-explanatory.

Professional Ground expert panel’s assessment is as follows: (casino operators chances for successful entry into Japan gaming landscape).

(1)  Chances of Las Vegas Sands  –  70%
(2)  Chances of Wynn Resorts  –  80%
(3)  LISBOA (Macau)  –  50%
(4)  MGM  –  30%
(5)  Genting Group  –  5%

Anyway, it is very unlikely that any of the above key operators could gain direct entry into Japan market based on wholly owned status. A joint venture tie-up with a strong Japanese local player would be likely, especially with the Pachinko business entity involvement.

Based on Genting’s weak management on regional gaming scene as well as lack of strategic investment perspective, such a  claim (to go Japan market) must be a joke.



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