Genting Singapore Shares Tumbled

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Specialist commentary on Genting RWS
27 July 2012

Genting Singapore Shares Tumbled

The scenario is not surprising at all; as Professional Ground experts had predicted before. Our assessment is appended below:

– that Genting Singapore casino (RWS) has lost its appeal as a new casino destination, for domestic market. For the pass 9 months, local casino visits have been dropping.

– that Genting Singapore casino (RWS) has failed to establish a robust VIP gaming business for the past two years. It is a clear sign that the casino has no choice but to admit two low-level Malaysian IMAs (International Market Agent). Yet the two “Mickey Mouse Junkets” are not really helping VIP business gowth, because they lack financial power to sustain high credit for players.

– that RWS mass gaming market share has been robbed by Marina Bay Sands over time. It’s a well known secret that RWS’ casino marketing system is very weak and lack capability to sustain high enough frequent visits by local as well as Malaysian patrons.


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