A New Star Is Born: Vladivostok Casino Resorts Region

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Special media update

Why Vladivostok, Russia Makes Sense

Asia casino arena will be expanded to include a heavy weigh player – Vladivostok region, Russia.

When fully completed, a total budget of USD7b or so will be invested in the far eastern region of Russia, creating 12 casinos in that region.

The location is the best “centre of influence” for East Asia, covering Northern China, Korea and Japan. A total of at least 300m population within 2 – 3 hours of flight time! What a market to tab. Not to mention about the Russian domestic market.

Macau will continue to draw crowd of near 200m in Southern China region and continues to thrive.
However, Singapore casinos will face the odds when Russia is ready to join this “money spinning club” (casino).

Vladivostok will offer (gaming) tax-free regime to start with! Coupled with other concessions for investors, to build a super-casino resorts blueprint that will spearhead its tourism industry and creating many jobs within the Vladivostok region. To Russia With Love!

A new dawn and a superstar (Vladivostok) is born…. Comes 2016.


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