Singapore Casinos Under Scrutiny

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Lion City media extracts, Saturday 7 July 2012

If The Operators Were To Know This, Will They Bid The License At $6b?

With the new casino ruling to be implemented by Singapore for the IRs, the rest are history…

The fact is, the two casinos can forget about over-leveraging domestic market as from now on…..

…. The pie is, after all, not that big. IR casinos, get yourself ready to pay more for Vip Rebates and Junket Commission.

  1. citi says:

    Taiwan shall open it first casino on Matsu isle if Taiwan’s Parliament pass the gaming bill and it is a gd new for GenSP since they are preparing for this to come since they have raised cash fr its perp bonds with intention to build a casino in Asia.

    GENSP will in a favorable position to penetrate Taiwan market due to its huge war chest and track record in building n running a casino resort as what they have did in Sentosa /Genting highland.The juice of the deal is that Matsu isle is near to China’s Fujian which Macau’s have dominate China gambling markets for so many years.

    Japan’s diet will vote on a similar bill to build casino in Japan.Intense competition but provide great opportunity

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