Latest News Flash: Taiwan Island Mazhu Will Open For Casinos

Posted: July 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is the latest news report from Taiwan TV media. Dated 7 July 2012.

The island of Mazhu is very near mainland China, if opens up for casinos, it will attract the mainland Chinese as well as Taiwanese and Japanese.

Genting Singapore is one company that’s desperate for Taiwan market but they have no hope, as against US casino operators as well as Lisboa. Taiwan casino bids will be heavily based on political “acknowledgement” rather than just capital investment promises. Genting has absolutely no political connection with China nor Taiwan. Also, no US congressmen to back them up like Adelson.

Besides, Taiwanese enterprises and political forces will play a major role in the Mazhu “gaming turf”, knowing how Taiwanese operate. Therefore, it is likely that only foreign-local joint venture is allowed.

  1. spore news says:

    careful they will swallow everything. they are known for it !!!!

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