Singapore Top Property Developer’s Dire Scenario

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Local Singapore Media Extracts

Readers especially investors in Singapore stock market would find the following commentary published in the press worth taking note of. So read it.

It is quite an irony that both the key success factor as well as key risk are associated with China.
Now that Capital Land needs to face the ultimate scenario confronting them.
Going forward the company could possibly face the following risks:
– that China will no longer provide CapLand the much needed huge volume of property transactions, especially under tight credit liquidity environment.

– REITS investment returns will stall in China with limited bank lending resources and Yuan rising in value.

– Singapore local market scenario may not play out in syn with CapLand’s development plans, especially the Shoebox unit apartments flooding the market.

– Sky Habitat, a high end condo project and left over units of Interlace might just add on to CapLand’s balance sheet.

It is no surprising that investors are not convinced by the company’s top management lucid stories…


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