Another Distraction of Genting Group

Posted: June 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

By: Casino Expert Panel

Over the last few days Genting Group has continue to increase its hold on Echo Entertainment in Australian gaming market.

According to media report, Genting has spent another A$60m to acquire more shares of Echo Entertainment, putting its total shares holding near 10% of Echo’s shares from the public market. There’s sign that the Malaysian gaming group is not going to give up as yet. That will put them in direct competition with James Packer… Will Crown Casino gives in to the Malaysian outsider? This is yet to see, but it is unlikely that James would just sit there and watch.

Our commentary: This is yet another distraction by Genting, using its asset gathering technique (such as perpetual bonds) and investors capital to keep trying on overseas markets.
The real problem with Genting is that, they just love to be a “Hunter” but never learnt to be a good “Farmer” to manage its crops well…

  1. citi says:

    Things are not as simple as u think.This trade is to facliate collaboration between Genting & Crown where James could fufill his dream of a undisputed gambling leader in Australia .At the same time,to open the door for Genting entry to Macau’s where James(Crown) had the lic to operate.The news reported so negatively on this issue is clear; to create fear to cause retailers to dump while the big hands accumulated.

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