Asian Casino News Update

Posted: April 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

5th April 2012


(1)  Japan Is Ready for 8 Casinos?!

At least 8 cities in Japan are voicing out their wish for opening up their door for casinos, in order to revitalize lackluster economy.

But is Japan ready for that?

Possible scenarios:

A.  Japan will probably open up two cities for casinos as trial model.  But they will impose restrictions on locals just as Singapore.

B.  No go.


(2)  Genting’s VIP Gaming Big Volume?

With the two Mini-junket licenses granted by Singapore authority, some analysts thought that this time round is “Sky’s the Limits” for high rollers revenue.  CLSA Asia-Pacific is one such agency.

However, OUB KayHian assessed that the two junkets are merely Mickey Mouse size and lack of funding to develop and support real big timer high rollers. They are ONLY able to operate within Malaysian pool of players.

Professional Ground Decoder tends to agree with UOB KayHian’s assessment. These two Mickey Mouse International Market Agents are too small to carry out any significant junket operations to link up in China, Hong Kong, Macau and East Asia. Waste of time.



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