Singapore Taking Cautious Approach On Junket Licensing

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

31st Mar 2012  SAT

By:   Johnny Ao

Professional Ground Decoder is correct. From industry gossip and news reports, I am sure that Singapore govt. has taken a much more cautious approach towards issuance of Junket license.

Checking through familiar industry sources, all sides have confirmed that the two junket promoters (In Singapore, it’s called International Market Agent all right) are indeed small flies. They lack capability and funding to bring in the real big-time high rollers in which casinos regard them the “Big Whales”.

And, Big Whales won’t like the idea about “timely reporting” procedure, in that all their arrival movements are being kept closely informed to the Singapore govt. agency.  In Macau, there’s no such hassle.

No wonder Marina Bay Sands casino remains cool over the junket licensing matter.  They rather use player rebate system, Discounts on Loss and credit chips to attract direct VIP players from the region.

I would think that Singapore casinos revenue landscape will not change very much with such Small Fish junket promoters being introduced.  No big whales yet.


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