Offshore & Pseudo-Junkets Operating In Singapore Casinos

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

22 Mar 2012

Singapore Local News Report – Junket Claim

By:  Professional Ground experts panel

Another case of Singapore casino suit that brings about the backdrop of Pseudo-junkets operating in the IR casinos.

It has been a long accepted awareness by the industry people that, Singapore casinos have started own collaboration with offshore unlicensed junkets.  Even though the authority has yet to grant any junket license to such operators.

In today’s BT news report, the following two claims are deemed to be not accurate.

(1)  As one Singapore casino analyst claims that it is not possible for such “unlicensed junket” in collaboration with the casino as the VIP player who are being sued by casino claims. Because how then the “pseudo-junket” is being paid the commission?

This guy (the analyst)  is a dumb-bell.  Since the casino in Singapore also operates casinos in Macau, there are many ways to skin the cat…

(2)  Marina Bay Sands claims that the Jap VIP player is classified as VIP player for one year period because this player had checked in $300,000 with the casino. This is not a very accurate story.  Regardless of how much a player has deposited Front Money with a casino, once the player starts his wagers (betting) with casino with his draw-down chips, there is a valid period when the player stops betting or finish his chips. By then, the VIP Program (for that player) has to be closed in order to compute for either player’s rebate or junket commission, as well as based on the win-loss.  If the player’s account with casino has depleted down to zero or less than the stipulated regulatory minimum sum/balance (in Singapore case, at least SGD100,000 to be classified as VIP player), as is the case then the said player would no longer be under VIP program until he further top-up with new Front Money deposit. Hence, he could not remain as VIP player for a one year period without topping up further sum of money with casino.

Read the following news extracts.

The claim by MBS might not be correct reflection of the status of the said player

It's a known "secret" that such Pseudo-junkets" are present in Singapore casinos...


This late afternoon, Singapore govt. has just granted two licenses to two approved Malaysian junket operators, who have the agreement with Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) casino.  These junkets are termed International Marketing Agent (IMA) to clearly define their role as marketing agents for foreign casino players. They are not allowed to target local patrons.



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