Interesting Casino News In Asia

Posted: February 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

24th Feb 2012  FRI

News Extracts

(1)  Singapore govt. will extend regulatory control over local visitation 

A recent survey of Singapore population involved in gambling shows that more percentage of its  lower-income groups of population are involving in gambling especially casino betting.

It is highly probable that the govt. would enlarge the coverage through regulatory “Casino Exclusion” safety net, to block more local population from going to casino.  One of the most effective ways is to LIMIT the frequency of casino visits by local population, as the IR casinos have the means (entry system) to check local casino patrons.

It is noted that the Integrated Resorts casinos are homes to Singapore locals, in which account to 30% of total casino visitation daily. It is estimated that domestic pool of patrons contribute up to 40 – 45% of total casino revenue.

It's time for more control over local entries to the IR casinos, the govt. has realized


(2)   Kicking Each Other … 

 Two gambling tycoons are “kicking” each other for wrong-doing in The Philippines and Macau respectively.  That will ruin Steve Wynn’s hope to bid for casino resorts in the Land of The Rising Sun in the future for sure. But when times are bad, who cares…

When times are bad, ...





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