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News Highlights

6th Feb 2012


Latest news release, Genting Group has failed in their proposed bid trying to build mega casino resorts in the state of Florida.

Strategically, this is a bad time for such a bid, because this year is the US presidential election year.  State congress would not accept deregulation of casinos at this juncture.

The next few years will probably see a gradual surge of US economy and job market, less urgent needs for state government to open up casino territory which will affect the community.

Good try.

Strategically, a wrong bid at the wrong time...

  1. John Balzer says:

    Forgive my honesty but the assumptions and pronoucements of this article are unfounded, unreal and untrue. Florida is a “tough nut to crack.” It took years of trying to get the state to start up a lottery to benefit education. The legislators are corrupt. It is a business way for them. The tradition carries out from election to election as the old ones educate the new ones into corruption. The people know better and over time via referendums and the like, change the landscape for the better. Genting will prevail here but it will just take longer to get the message through.

  2. Why after the whale got beached in Florida, its share price rockets up?

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