Genting Trying Another Potential Fiasco

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

11th Jan 2012   Wed

News Extracts

Why Genting Has To Keep Trying? Building Casinos Overseas 

The news below explains it all.
Genting people just have to keep trying… until they hit the solid wall, like the failure in the UK and previously, Star Cruises fiasco.  The company is not used to channeling cash flow into more strategic investments.

Because Genting is not a company with strategic view of their businesses.  And they just couldn’t be bother with synergies among their investments.

Eventually, they will use Sentosa Resorts World and Genting Bhd. to pay for what they try in other places.

Now they are trying their American Dreams.  They should be worried about long-term return-on-equity and costs of capital, though the current bank interest rates remain low…



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