The Region’s Casinos In 2012

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

29th December 2011  Thur


The year 2011 ends with good fortune for the region’s casinos.

Looking ahead, 2012 though may not be the end day of the world, the economic situation remains dire.  For the region’s casinos, our experts panel has the following Predictions:

(1)   Singapore casinos will progress with <20% growth most likely, unless the govt. opens up for junket operators licensing. With junkets joining the fray, Singapore casinos can potentially rack up >35% growth.

(2)  For Macau casinos landscape, hot (and illegal) money will continue its flow into this enclave regardless of whatever happened.  With tighter govt. hand over credit lending in mainland, more “capital” would be channeled into Macau safe haven. hence, Macau casinos can continue to look forward to >35% growth in gross gaming revenue.

The Business Times has the following projection —

If Malaysians continue to dwindle, Singapore casinos will be badly hit!


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