Professional Ground Decoder Is Right – Genting RWS Did Moderately for Its 3rd Quarter

Posted: November 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

11th Nov 2011  FRI

News Report – RWS casino lagging behind Marina Bay Sands (MBS)

Appended below is the earlier expert assessment by Professional Ground Decoder panel, about the probability of Genting RWS casino could only perform MODERATELY well as compared to its 2nd quarter poor result.  On Nov 8, expert panel (of professional Ground Decoder) assessed that, “Genting’s 3rd quarter may not be that juicy.”   Readers may read the post dated Nov 8, 2011 – Scenarios for Genting Singapore 3rd Quarter Hands.

Today’s press report of RWS’ 3rd quarter result proves the point. 

"Scenarios for Genting Singapore 3rd Quarter Hands", Nov 8th 2011

More extracts from the local Singapore news report are as follows:

Professional Ground editor: Going forward, genting RWS casino will remain rather weak in comparison with MBS. Genting's mass market margins couldn't hold up strong enough due to stagnation of Malaysian volume.

Genting's casino floor EFFICIENCY is far behind that of MBS, for sure. Considering that there's only two casinos on the island.


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