Moving Towards A “Clean” Environment – Singapore Casinos

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

10th Nov 2011   THUR

Extracts of Singapore News (Casino Topic) with commentary

By Professional Ground Decoder expert panel

With current good earnings, the govt. has no hurry to allow Junkets into the relatively clean water...

The “noises” for No-junket appeal for Singapore casinos is getting louder and heard by many, including the Singapore authority.  With good earning results coming from the two casinos, there’s no reason for the government of Singapore to allow this monster called Junket to be involved in the relatively clean water.

It is quite clear that Singapore is very aware of what happens to Macau enclave.  Therefore, the government is extremely cautious about management of casino integrity and money lending issues. It is better to be strict than to regret later.

So, looks like the writing is clearer this time, almost on the wall…

Analysts, invest in Macau casino stocks!

The latest development of Macau junkets is reported below, apparently the junket operators are trying to expand their money lending operations directly into mainland China, via money lending licenses, instead of hiring 3rd party “black hands” to do the dirty job of collection.

Nice shot! But will the Chinese govt. remains quiet about such manipulation when the snow ball rolls bigger?


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