C-A-R Is Not C-A-S-H ! Marina Bay Sands Casino Loss

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9th Nov 2011  WED

Extracted from news announcement, Singapore

Final Scores:  Marina Bay Sands Casino – 0 ,  Slot Player – 1

Readers may refer to earlier post on Professional Ground Decoder of the detailed case analysis, on October 23rd 2011.

Marina Bay Sands – Slot Winner Denied The Cash Prize


As at today 9th Nov, the news (from CNA) has announced that the disputed Jackpot winning case between patron (Ms Choo) and Marina Bay Sands has been finalized.  And the Scores are: 

Ms Choo (Slot patron)   –  1                Marina Bay Sands Casino   –  0

This time around, looks like justice is served.  Read the following news report (CNA) hot on the heel:

Hawker in dispute with MBS gets full jackpot winnings
By Ng Puay Leng | Posted: 09 November
2011 1743 hrs  (CNA News, Singapore)

SINGAPORE: Hawker Choo Hong Eng said she has been informed by Marina Bay Sands (MBS) that she will receive her jackpot winnings in full.

She said she had won S$416,000 on a jackpot machine at MBS last month, but the casino said the machine had malfunctioned.

It offered her a sports car worth S$258,962 and S$50,000 in cash instead. But Madam Choo refused the offer.

On Wednesday, she told Channel NewsAsia that she was notified of MBS’ change of mind in a confidential letter dated November 4, when she was in Taiwan.
Her lawyer informed her of MBS’ decision.

She signed the letter of acceptance at her lawyer’s firm, after she returned on Wednesday morning.  Mdm Choo understands that she will receive her money three days after MBS has received her letter.  She said she will donate about half of the amount to charity.

The 58-year-old hawker had given her statement to the Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) in her dispute with MBS over her jackpot winnings.  She had said that she felt confident about her chances of winning the case, especially with the support of CCTV footage and at least four witnesses not related to her.

In an earlier interview with Channel NewsAsia, she said: “The CRA officer asked me: ‘Did you see the words CASH and CAR appear on the screen?’ I said the only words were CASH BONUS. The word CAR didn’t come up at all. Car is spelt C-A-R, and cash is C-A-S-H. The difference between four and three letters is obvious.”

  1. I certainly enjoyed the way you explore your experience and knowledge of the subject! Keep up on it. Thanks for sharing the info

  2. parachute says:

    Actually I think MBS was using this jackpot dispute as an advertisement. This definitely has drawn a lot of attentions of Singaporean.

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