Hot Cash-flow Still Rushing Into Macau Casinos

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

2nd Nov 2011  Wed

Commentary by:  Professional Ground experts panel

China Debt Problem?  No Such Thing (Impact) for Macau Casinos

Our readers may refer to the article posted on this blog by Mr. Mah –

“Will Macau Casinos Be affected By China’s Credit Exposure & Crunch?”  (Oct 10th)

We had also mentioned on the blog post that the westerners just overreacted on China debt issue (as they called it) and caused many investment analysts and fund managers to panic about whether Macau casinos would be affected.

Now, by looking at the latest announced figure: Macau casino revenue for the month of October up by 42% as compared to same month last year.  So, the rumor about China debt problem would cause credit crunch on Macau casinos is not true.  Soon, China’s 4 key cities and southern province (Guangdong) will issue bonds.

Once again, Professional Ground Decoder’s  assessment is proven right this time around about Macau casinos sustainability in current environment.   The latest news report is extracted as below.

Macau total gaming revenue (for Oct) hits USD3.44b!


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