Not The First Time – Sands Casinos Denied Prize Winning

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

***  Latest Update on 28th Oct 2011  FRI

Marina Bay Sands casino has replied to the slot (Jackpot) winner Ms Choo’s lawyer that the casino would adhere to CRA’s (Casino Regulatory Authority) final judgment of the investigation and act accordingly.

Both parties concerned now must wait for CRA's final judgment


27th Oct 2011  Thur

From reader’s feedback to Professional Ground Decoder

Apparently Sands casino in Macau had the same case (or denial habit) as well, like what happened recently at the Singapore Marina Bay Sands.  The casino denied player’s winning prize.

The Chinese player who had won the big cash prize of HK$3.7 million at Sands Macau casino at the Poker card game table (linked rewards/prizes) was denied by the casino; and was only paid HK$300,000 instead. The reason given by the casino was that in just a short moment ago the top prize (i.e. HK$3.7m) was won by another player who’s in Las Vegas Sands!  The casino further explained that the linked big cash rewards was also involved Las Vegas, but failed to provide any proof.

At the end of it, the greatly disappointed Chinese player had to accept a small sum of HK$300,000 as a result. He later brought up the case to Macau’s casino regulatory authority.

Readers may go to the Reader’s Comment block of the previous blog post “Choo vs MBS” and click to view the video provided by our reader Zam.

Is it truly a coincident or system malfunctioning again? Or simply an unfair play?

  1. Brenda says:

    The Chinese should all boycott the casino that is tied to Las Vegas BIG BULLY!!!

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