Flip-Flop Assessment On China Debts

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

12th Oct 2011

News extraction and commentary by Professional Ground Panel

Western investment analysts just doing their usual flip-flop assessment on China’s debt issues. One moment they fired salvos on China’s banking system and predicted it would collapse; just within short span of time they started to sing praises and give hope to China’s economic strengths. So, now UBS says “the worst is over…” 

What’s over?  Why can’t these analysts just admit they had misread China’s financial market situation?  Lots of hot air. 

We 100% agree with the Hong Kong journalist (Albert Cheung) comment about how ignorant these western investment analysts, with regard to China.

Up till now, even European Union needs China’s support to provide market confidence for its economy to revitalize, not mentioning how important China is, as a stability force for Asia. And without Asia economy to remain in high gear, the recovery of US economy is threatened.  That’s how connected the world today really is.

Flip-flop assessment, amateurish

Western analysts hope for a banking crash in China?



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