Take-A-Break: The Weight Is On RWS Genting

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

News Extracts

28 July 2011

It could be a case of MBS cannibalized RWS' market share...

According to Lion City local news, analysts are hopeful of MBS good performance during its 2nd quarter translates into equally good performance for RWS Genting. So the shares of Genting move up…

Yes and no. This could also mean that Marina Bay Sands (MBS) has cannibalized RWS Genting market share! 


  1. Ah Beng says:

    Lol… I fully agree.

  2. spore news says:

    Not so…..just watched and more to come…

  3. Citi says:

    If the Q2 result are not that good,why did Genting Berhad bought in so much shares before the Q2 result announcement?They could have buy in after the Q2 result if they anticipate the Q2 result will cause GenSP share to drop.

  4. Ah Beng says:

    Simple logic la, try to boost public confidence so to buy back own shares to hold the falling trend…

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