“Pro-Leak” : How Junket Players Sneak Into Singapore IR?

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

22 July 2011   Fri

From the editor:  We introduced this special highlights called the “Pro-Leak”, for letting out interesting insider information from within the gaming industry pipeline. 


It was heard that one of the IR casinos is carrying out such a practice without consent from local casino authority. 

That is, the IR casino in Asia’s Lion City “quietly” sneaks in junket players from china, Hong Kong and Macau, into VIP gaming area, without declaring their status. That’s because the Lion City casino authority hasn’t allowed junket licenses for  casino to bring in Junklet players (high rollers).

How do they settle the Front Money required for the non-negotiable casino chips buy & bets?  According to industry insider information, these junket players (High rollers) would settle their check-in money and win-loss in Macau, not at the IR casino.  Therefore, no clear record of these “hidden” high rollers ever played in Lion City. The IR casino hence, believes that they could skirt around the local casino control regulations.

It was learned that Chinese govt. has come to be aware of this “under-the-table” channel of moving junket players from China to Lion City.  

Not bad an idea, but, just how long the casino could continue such a practice without being caught???

  1. spore news says:

    How about rating when the so called Junket Player win big?? They sneak the money out also… You can’t do that in Spore. Whoever the Pro must be a Pro Amateur looking for fame…

    • Admin says:

      The Simple Answer: “This guy (from spore news) is trying to fish out more information because he lacks the necessary knowledge. But, for the benefit of readers who are interested in casino operations, especially on what could be done in / through Macau casinos, here’s the simple answer. It’s not difficult for one of the IR casinos and collaborating junkets to settle both the front money and win/loss program accounts back in Macau; that even included any form of ‘double-down’ betting executed by junkets for their China-based players.”
      (Please dun ask about what’s ‘double-down’… if you dunno much anyway. It would be more confusing for beginers trying to understand the casino trade.)

  2. spore news says:

    Double down – One for the house on the table and one for the junket under table…..

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