Take-A-Break: Control Malaysians Entry Into Singapore Casinos?

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Take-A-Break:  Control Malaysians Entry Into Singapore Casinos?

25th May 2011  Wed

Here’s the news report about sentiment of Malaysian political figures, in particular those in Johor State that’s “too close” to Singapore.

Since the opening of Singapore IR casinos, Malaysians visitors have been contributing great amount of cash to the casino operators.

Soon, social problems would surface as envisaged by many Malaysian politicians. There are voices now talking about taking measures to control buses that are fetching Malaysians down south, heading into the casinos, especially Resorts World Sentosa. 

What will be the impact if Malaysian authority really implements control measures as such? Let’s look at the following distribution of casino revenues (rough estimates):

Singaporeans/PRs – 35%

Malaysians – 40%

Others – 25%

From observation, Singaporean locals participation rate (casino visits) has dropped gradually. With any control on Malaysian mass market traveling to Casinos by buses, RWS Genting will have to resort to higher churning of VIP gaming and hence with greater credit risk exposure in order to sustain their revenue inputs.  Also, RWS’ gross margin will fall.

  1. msia news says:

    the hell with the goddamned m’sians.

    – Msia News

  2. spore news says:

    yeah square head s’porean.

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