Whirl Pool episode 9: Big Bang Macau Entertainment

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The Editor:  This is yet another fantastic insider episode of the story “Whirl Pool” been told and hot to the heel. Real scenario coupled with hot steamy excitement that depict the inner side of Macau’s prosperity. The story describes vividly how human fall for greeds and those who survive below the line.  Great revealing.


Episode 9: Big Bang Macau Entertainment

by: Alan Kaplan

TALKING about entertainment, Macau is the real “Happy Men’s Valley”. It’s Spa joints and Kara-Oke (KTV) lounges are rated world-class by those who are familiar with Asian men’s entertainment.

It was told that the territory was not as safe as in the old days under the Portugal government, compared with current state of affair. At the dinner table James was listening intensely on the story told by the Chinese official Kong, who became a close friend in Macau. James asked, “Is it TRUE that the triads were very much notorious in those days, before Chinese government regains its control over this place?”. Kong replied, “Oh yes. The gangs were so nasty in those days that they even fired weapons at the police force. Nobody could control them before we took over.” He continued,
“But things changed so much now… Everybody learned to play by the rule now.” James pushed for more information, “What’s the difference?” Kong smiled and started his insider story about how Beijing managed to tame the Macau gangs…

Time went back to about a couple of months before the handover of Macau back to
China sovereignty. At that point in time, every factions of Macau gangs were trying to grab as much of power & “market share” as possible in a vacuum. Portugal had taken an almost hands-off attitude towards this tiny  territory. Many instances of gun fights broke off in the City, caused huge alarm to the residents. “Looking back, it was a lawless regime … It seemed”, recalled James Chinese official friend Kong.

Beijing was very much alarmed by the state of affair in Macau during the final months of Portuguese rule. So, this was what actually took place, though till today not many people knew about the real happening. James listened with great interest whilst Kong was talking about the great insider story.

At first, Beijing government sent in a team of officials to Macau to seize up the situation. The Team had spoken to major factions of triad members in Macau.
Beijing was trying to offer the term & conditions that were meant to be a concessionary. In essence, after handing over of Macau back to China, businesses ran by the gangs  were allowed to continue with certain conditions aimed to maintain ‘law &  order’. So that Mr.Deng’s One-country, two systems model could be a success in
Macau as well, besides Hong Kong special administrative Region. The Beijing
arrangement for Macau gangs was in two folds. Firstly, the factions of gangs
were allowed to operate their business zones and type of entertainment
businesses based on new agreement and clear distribution. Nobody is allowed to
cross the line after such division of business operations. Secondly, Beijing had also put in place the most important element to seal the deal with the gangs – The People’s Liberalization Army! A full regiment of PLA troops were stationing in Cotai Strip after the handover, in a new army complete.

However, there was a party of gangs opposed to the arrangement set forth by Beijing. They are the 14Ks, faction of notorious southern China triads. The outcome of the 14K was predictable. Top three of their gang chiefs were put into cell by the Chinese government and the gang dispersed. And, Macau becomes safe haven for great entertainment, for men…


PICA Au, senior director of SilverStone Casino was sitting in the comfortable sofa
in a Kara-Oke (KTV) lounge. Sitting close to him a young & beautiful Chinese girl, at most 18 or 19 years of age. She had a nice pair of legs complemented by equally impressive pair of tits. James was being entertained by his business partners. This is a common place to go after a great dinner in town. The KTV lounge is one of those high-end outlets operated by the gangs. Young pretty girls from various provinces of China were rotated into Macau to work either in spa or KTV lounges, each girl had a work pass that allowed her to work for a period of 45 days maximum. Then the girls would be ‘recycled’ back in a couple of weeks or months.   As China is never short of human population, quality of girls in Macau  entertainment trades is considered par-excellence. But the expenses at these high-end Spas & KTV lounges are not cheap at all.

Pica Au turned to look at his ‘KTV maid’ sitting close to him in the KTV  room. The lights were dimmed but knew she’s stunningly pretty. Her name was  Alice. (Some used English name). Pica looked around in the room and noticed  that his business partners were already talking intimately in very intense  ‘body language’ with their respective female singing partner. Their hands were all over the places on the girls.

Alice was leaning even closer now. She blew onto Pica’s neck with her warm breath. The stage was set for more actions, but surely not in that KTV room. The three men signalled to each other and they started to shift their battle ground somewhere more exclusive and comfortable…

On the same island of Cotai Strip that same evening, what Pica Au never knew was, his much neglected wife was enjoying her usual private night out with William, an American colleague of his!  Life can be a joke sometimes… for some people.

After all these years of development Macau has gone on to become the king hub of casinos in the world. But the territory needs to feed many who are still surviving below the line, including people from the southern China region. Macau’s entertainment trades will continue to prosper in years to come, as an integral part of casino landscape.

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