Whirl Pool episode 7: Man Flew From Casino Beam

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Editor’s Notes:  We have received yet another exciting episode of storyline from Alan Kaplan, our guest writer. Must read material.







Whirl Pool episode 7: Man Flew from Casino Beam

Story by: Alan Kaplan

Into its 2nd year of business in the Macau casino enclave, SilverStone Casino was making truck loads of casino revenue every single day of its 24/7 non-stop operations. Visitation from southern China and Hong Kong just kept pouring in like tsunami. Huge tsunami.

James and his casino marketing team had put in place highly efficient marketing system that helped to optimize revenue with greater customer management & targeting. SilverStone was the only modern casino in Macau with systematic players incentive and promotional programs that made a killing from sizeable visitation. That was mid of 2005. Things were looking good for the American management team that took over from the Australians.

Over the other side of Macau’s Cotai Strip is Henqin Island belongs to Zhu Hai municipal government. Ever since SilverStone set foot in Macau its top management in Las Vegas had been eyeing Henqin. It’s Jewish owner maintained close liaison with government officials of Zhu Hai City, trying hard to woo cooperation from them to open up Henqin Island as another leisure & golfing destination across Macau. In that deal, SilverStone would become the project leader to help Zhu Hai government, developed Asian’s Golf & Leisure City on Henqin Island. The proposal was submitted to Zhu Hai mayor in mid 2005 and a brief announcement made to the exciting media by SilverStone Casino.

The truth was, Beijing government didn’t quite like this Henqin idea though. Over the few years, this often promoted and trumpeted idea never took off. One classic example of how naive the American casino operator thought of the Chinese authority.

During this period there’s a well reported striking event, took place above the high beam above SilverStone Casino main floor. The date was December 22, 2005.
It was near 7 p.m. In the evening. James and his team of managers were spread over the foyer and also at the upstairs entrance of the best buffet outlet in Macau. James marketing team had invited the whole lot of travel agency bosses from Macau for dinner. It was a year-end “Thank You” dinner event for those travel agencies that sending tour buses to SilverStone Casino. On average, more than 200,000 pax were dropped at the doorstep of the casino by tour buses. Think about the revenue the busing program could generate for the casino floor.

In the midst of receiving invited guests streaming into the buffet area, James was suddenly alerted by one of his managers. He followed the direction she was pointing, surprised to notice a guy was standing high up on the narrow beam above the main casino floor! The man was in his early 30s, was shouting something but it was too far from high up at leat 50m from the crowded and noisy casino floor. James thought initially this guy could be a technician at work but surely the wrong hours at this busy time. Next, James saw the man took off his T-shirt and started waiving it above his head. That’s strange gesture. Next, it happened before everyone’s eyes! The man jumped off the high beam and fell to his death in a split second. Wow, this is madness. Some of the crowd woo out loud at that moment of surprise. But soon things were back to normal beyond one’s belief. The lure of Baccarat and Si-bo (big & small) are too strong to resist compared to just one human life! That’s Macau.

The man who flew from the high beam across the SilverStone Casino all the way smacked onto the hard marble floor 50m below, was dead on impact. Flood oozing from his smashed up brain …
Quite a number of duty staff on the foyer were traumatized so much that they had to be sent for psychiatric counselling.

The reported story went along the line of a young junket who was trapped in deep trouble with irrational betting himself at the VIP Baccarat table. Apparently he didn’t believe his ass-luck that day, consecutively losing his wrong bets with “double up”, hoping to strike a break even but it never happened till he finally loss a total of Hk$3m at the table. He had to jump or somebody would make him jump anyway..

  1. Apache says:

    I heard a few year ago about suicide jump in Sands Casino Macau also. Great story.


  2. yay google is my queen aided me to find this great internet site ! .

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