Whirl Pool episode 5: Macau’s Ferrari Man

Posted: April 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Whirl Pool episode 5:  Macau’s Ferrari Man

Story by:  Alan Kaplan

In the early days of SilverStone Casino operating in Macau enclave, there was a time when premium  gamblers were rather few & rare. But there’s this guy who definitely stood out from the rest. He drove a red Ferrari around town, lived life in flashy way. People called him “Bolly”.

James was amazed about this fellow who earned such a weird name and soon he realized why. Regardless, Jolly was running a property development company and also into pawnshop business, in Macau. Apparently he was the son-in-law of the famous sister of Lisboa’s old man.

It was a nice sunny day along the coast of Cotai Strip towards The Westin, inside Bolly Fucker’s red Ferrari in the passenger seat. James was delighted as this was his first time in a moving Ferrari for real. Bolly was driving and talking away non-stop. Bolly proudly proclaimed that there’s long line of waiting list formed by pretty girls in the territory, wanting to be his “next secretary”. James asked, ‘What do you mean, the next secretary?’.  Bolly laughed, ‘Oh it’s that simple. You know, I am a very demanding boss. So my secretaries WON’T LAST LONG UNDER ME.’  He emphasized the final words or rather, the verdict.  That was something new, as James tried to think deeper of the sentence… Bolly continued, ‘I pay my secretary very well. So, lots of pretty girls love to work for me.’ On his last word the Ferrari arrived at the entrance of Westin. The doorman walked towards them with big smile.

Bolly had ordered only one dish at the Chinese restaurant. When the two pots of “Sharkfins Claypot Rice” were served in front of James and Bolly, James was really impressed. That was something really delicious just by the look of it. In the clay pot was a huge chunk of shark fins baked on top of rice that smelled with fragrance. Bolly looked at James, ‘This is what I like most, I eat it at least twice a week.’ James had no complaint at all, whether this Bolly could enjoy it 7 times a week that’s not his problem. He went ahead to enjoy that pot of rice and shark fins too.

Until the next occasion when James met with Bolly for a drink then he finally understood the meaning of Bolly’s claims, that he was a tough boss. Bolly brought along his new secretary Judy. She was a mainland Chinese came to Macau worked at the Oriental Hotel as front desk staff. Soon she ended up working for Jolly, as his secretary. Judy was tall and fair, with a pair of beautiful long legs to match her nice body. In conversation, she told James that she was a sporty girl, good in volleyball and basketball while she stayed in mainland.  The evening went on smooth and of casual mood. After a few drinks at the casino bar Judy started to talk to James more about her work and life.

‘He likes it wild…’ She leaned closer to James. James looked around and noticed Bolly was talking to a woman in the bar. ‘What you say?’ James tried hard to understand what she meant amidst loud music playing on stage nearby. Judy said it louder this time, she paused and continued, ‘He is too much… but he likes it that way, show no respect for ladies.’ Finally James heard it loud and clear. It started to click. No wonder, in actual fact Bolly is not hiring secretary, he merely hired girlfriends! 
‘He treated every of his past secretary the same. I only got to learn that after I joined him.’ She gave James a smile but it wasn’t a happy one. She leaned closer to James, ‘It is worse when he drinks… ‘ James could only look at Judy with sympathy. What could he do frankly? Save her from Bolly? Must be nuts. This is Macau. And Bolly remains the Ferrari Man here.


(To be continued)

  1. Albert Robinson says:

    Really, great story.
    Every bit the TRUE Macau flavour.

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