Take-A-Break: Intelligent People Don’t Take Risk?

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

From the editor:  After feedback from some readers that the blog is really good and professional in nature; but they think that once a while there’s nothing wrong to have little fun. So, we created this small piece of Stuff, call it “Take-A-Break”. 

This first Take-A-Break topic features a news report in The Straits Times, about a high potential Singapore lawyer (Tan) who misappropriated his client’s $4.5m and was on the run for 6 years before he got caught in Germany.  Why? Because our lawyer Tan had spent S$6m in gambling over some years and was in huge debt.  His lawyer friends thought that the verdict of 9 years jail term was too much for the ‘poor guy’… because he was on the run for the last few years and missed his old parents at home… So this guy had suffered enough. What a BS.

Who says intelligent people don’t gamble? In fact, intelligent people take more risks. Only difference is, intelligent people tend to use other people’s money on their risk-taking ventures…

Intelligent people taking more risks...

  1. Albert Robinson says:

    Good stuff. Have more of this won’t hurt.

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