Whirl Pool Episode 3: Woman from the Den

Posted: April 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

“Whirl Pool – Transformation of Macau Casinos”

Story By: Alan Kaplan

Episode 3 – Woman From The Den

While everyone in the new organization were working hard for the opening of SilverStone Casino in this Chinese territory – Macau.
James was told by a colleague something more interesting than work. Apparently the senior vice president of hotel operations Aron Bastion who’s a British from Australia, has hooked up somebody who apparently came from the ‘Den’ , a place outsiders used to call it.

The Den, it was actually the first & only legalized casino in the territory over the last 40 years. The old man who had been controlling the casino empire was in his 80s with a big family group. His business spans across gambling, lottery, horse racing, boat ferry service and many others. It was also a known secret that the territory’s triads were an integral part of his business empire.

Aron was proud to be with his new girlfriend in Macau, making it a public knowledge. She drove a Merc convertible and is in her 40s. James met her once outside a Thai restaurant Naam and was introduced to her by Aron. ‘This is Florence.’ She gave James a wide smile.

Two days later James was in the office of this tall & skinny human resource director, chatting away. KK (the human resource director) gave him a secretive smile and asked, ‘you ready to hear some juicy news in town?’. He leaned back into his chair and paused, waiting for James to pursue this juicy matter.
James showed him the calm look, ‘So how juicy is that going to be?’ KK leaned forward this time, whispered, ‘You bet. She’s an ex-mistress of the old man of the Den!’ He continued, with excited tone this time, ‘You know what? It will get Aron into big big trouble soon…’ James continued to listen. He knew very well that this KK couldn’t be trusted most of the time. But this story seemed interesting enough for James to plug his ear closer. KK continued with his juicy bits, ‘But Aron doesn’t care two hook about her background. Anyway, he told me she’s such a nice woman. Haha’ Both men laughed. KK’s secretary came and peeped into the office, trying to find out what made her boss laughed so loud.


In just about one month after the juicy story told by KK, James sensed something went very wrong. Aron had disappeared from the work place and even more strange, people just refused to talk about Aron anymore, when asked. James tried to put his ear on all sides of office wall but this person (Aron) seemed to be gone in thin air!

The strange thing James had found out was that the chief operating office who’s a closed buddy of Aron, was behaving like nothing had happened! As if Aron was never there before.

But slowly as time passed more lights thrown on this MIA (missing in action) case to a senior member of the project team.

Aron was fired by SiverStone! That was the news announced finally… Like an expected thunderstorm finally came in. Suddenly the whole world was talking about Aron’s foolish act of courting trouble with Penny. But there were few versions… of this juicy pie.

James had heard at least 2 versions. One was that the Old man of the Den had found that out and passed the information to top bosses of SilverStone in United States. Being the competitors in Macau, Aron had committed a ‘sin’ to date the enemy’s woman. So he was booted.
The 2nd version was a departure from the first one, a bit more corporate stuff. The story went as Aron had a hand with vendors introduced by Florence. Who knows.

The Americans in SilverStone in Macau showed outright celebration mood about Aron been booted out of the equation. They hated him from day one. The pub opposite the office block was filled that night when the news broke out.
(To be continued)


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