When Big (Theme Park) Is Really Beautiful…

Posted: April 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Shanghai Disney Resort Is A Killer Theme Park In Asia!

9th April 2011


The Shanghai Disney will sideline Singapore Universal Studios...


Latest from the news, Shanghai Disney Resort has commenced work and it will sideline tiny Singapore’s Universal Studios and Hong Kong Disneyland when it is ready in 5 years time.
This mega theme resort will include,
– World largest Disney castle

– An investment of approximately USD$3.8b, a joint venture between Disney and a Chinese enterprice.

– Site area of 20 sq.km including convention facilities, cultural, retails, leisure sports, resort hotels etc. Located merely 12km from the Pudong airport, in the middle of Pudong municipal.

– Covering nearby regions in China within 3 hours time travels, come with an estimated 330m population market for a start.

– Expected to receive at least 30m visitors a year.

Editor’s Notes:

We think this is really another killer theme park located in Asia beside the World Largest Universal Studios in Korea (ready by 2014). Other tiny theme parks such as Hong Kong Disneyland and Singapore’s Universal Studios will be marginalized inevitably, when the two giant theme parks open in 4 – 5 years time. 

As for Macau, watch out.

  1. Albert Robinson says:

    With Taiwan & Korea on the starting line going for mega huge resort theme parks, I would agree with this blog that, there’s no chance at all for tiny theme park in Singapore & Hong Kong. Too bad

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