Casino Event: Adelson Plays His Hands

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

8th April 2011

Commentary by:  Patrick Au (Macau)

Spread the risk with Basic Strategy... Diversion

Just read the above news passed on by one of my friends.
No big deal, this is just another (Blackjack) basic strategy carried out by Mr. Adelson whenever he is cornered. 
What it exactly means this time, when he lets go how MBS managed to stop the 5 million dollars transfer from Macau to Singapore. The underlying move made by Adelson is merely a diversion of attention away from the Las Vegas’ Jacobs law suit. So he talks about how great he personally ‘discovered’ the transfer of fund possibly from Junket and he stopped it. Big deal.
So, here’s a clean guy doing his bits by even stopping Junket’s money (fund) from Macau into Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands casino. Nevada jurisdiction should therefore trust him and not Mr. Jacobs, on Macau dealings.
Salute him for the long shot, good try. 
 Editor’s Notes:
What we do know is that $5m is just ‘chicken feed’ in terms of junket fund transfer in Macau.
We also aware that in Singapore casinos, junkets are already ‘playing’ their hands via pseudo representation of their accounts in casinos. However, casinos in the Lion City apparently play the game of “We don’t really know of such activities…”


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