Sands China – Another dogfight?

Posted: March 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

22nd Mar 2011

Extracts of news report


Navigating in Macau is highly tricky for any COO

Professional Ground’s Viewpoint:

From the above news report, it is quite clear that navigating  (business deals) in Macau is a highly risky job for any chief operating officers. 

 Things can be much worse especially for those happened to be management members of Sands China. Industry people are well-informed that this is one very demanding company to work for, sometimes things happen within  the company could be like what its ex-president Bill Weidner illustrated: “Junk yard dogfight!”

This time around Mr. Jacobs has the courage to turn around and take shots at his ex-boss.  According to some insiders, this is quite a surprise move for those who are familiar with the two men.  It is rumored that in those ‘good old days’ Jacobs was a keen follower of his boss.  It was not uncommon in those days to hear him saying things like this, “Boss, there’s so many things to learn from you…”.

Looks like after ‘learning so many things’ from his own boss, now Jacobs is brave enough to stand up against the oldman and said, “That’s illegal thing to do!” 

Until the court case is over, nobody would know just who’s more right than the other. But after feedback from several insiders, it is possible that this could be just another ‘dogfight’ in this company compound…


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