Casino News – Beijing Is Pushing Macau

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

14th Mar 2011

Extracts of news report

Eventually Beijing will push harder...

After the first American casino (Sands Macau) opened in the Special Administrative Region (Macau SAR) on 18th May 2004, Chinese central government has been hoping that the little enclave next to Southern China would be transformed into more balanced economic platform.

 But after 6 years this scenario is not playing out according to Beijing’s wishes. Though the news report mentioned that gaming industry contributed to 40% of Macau’s total GDP; however, in term of tax contribution, gaming industry contributes between 75 – 80% of total taxes receipt to Macau government’s tax income!!!

That is the main reason why nobody is too keen about making the change from casino-heavy economy to a ‘normal’ (balanced) economy…

But Beijing is not lying down without making the effort to push for the change. It is a matter of when the central government starts to be more forceful in turning over Macau onto its original plan. Time will tell.


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