Singapore Integrated resorts In 2010

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Singapore Integrated Resorts In 2010


Contributed by: Alan Kaplan

7th Feb 2011 MON

The Singapore Integrated Resorts (Marina Bay Sands & Genting RWS) have performed extremely well in their first year of opening and in the new Asian gaming territory.

The Key Results Areas (KRAs) are concluded as follows

KRA 1 – Achieved total ganming revenue (size of market) of USD4b in 2010 with less than 12 months operation.

KRA 2 – Averaged EBITDA is at USD400m+ per quarter.

KRA 3 – Averaged EBITDA margin is at 53% per quarter.

KRA 4 – Mass gaming contributes most of the EBITDA margin.

KRA 5 – Projected gaming market size has been upgraded to USD6b by end of 2011, a highly probable outcome.

KRA 6 – Increased in tourism visitation by 30%.

KRA 7 – Balanced market share by two IR casinos: MBS at 48%; RWS at 52%.

Going forward, Singapore IR casinos will attain its fast growth phenomenon over the next 5 years. After which, it is expected that the market size will stagnate, with keen competition coming from Korea, Japan and maybe Thailand.


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