Singapore Casinos Update

Posted: January 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Lion City Casino Regulatory Authority (CRA) is seeking help from the maths department of the country’s top university – National University of Singapore for help, to learn about how to properly regulate casino gaming devices of the two integrated resorts.

Can the academia really help?

 Editor’s Notes: 
(1)  Though casino betting is about probability (Maths), but the essence of gaming operations go beyond that.
 (2)  In any meaningful tracking & auditing casino operations, the following key factors should be analyzed:
–  Table games’ “effective win % / Hold”.
–  Electronic games’ actual payout to patrons over audited period.
–  Linked Jackpots and non-linked machines ratio on casino floor.
–  Slot manufacturers’ machine-audit program and system trial SOPs.
–  Impact of Slot “Cash Back” system (if any).


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