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6th Dec 2010

From an undisclosed source that links back to mainland China, the year 2013 will see a huge change (turn-about) of China policy towards Macau’s long-term development.

The most recent disapproval of Las Vegas Sands casino-hotels development on Lot 7 & 8 was just an “early warning” sign.

According to insiders speculation, the key stimulus is the change over of leadership of China in two years time.  With new leadership taking over in 2012, it is believed that several changes will impact Macau’s casino industry, namely,

(1)  The Chinese (Beijing) government is determined to introduce greater changes to its financial/capital market after the change of new leadership.  More open-market measures will be introduced for China to be a leader in Asian financial markets.

(2)  Corresponding  and more forceful control measures will be introduced to cap casino landscape in Macau, in that it has created highly undesirable impact on Southern China economic and social scene. As estimated, each year at least $700b (RMB)  is going through illegal channels out of China! 

(3)  Macau will be forced by Beijing to implement greater restrictions on casino ruling and gaming devices.

(4)  There may be a “sweeping” of Junekt syndicates (by Chinese authority) that link to China funding… especially those in operations within Southern China.

(5)  A new 5  – 10 years Diversification Scheme/Plan is likely to be introduced as from 2013, directing Macau’s redevelopment effort towards a more diversified economy.

(6)  American casinos will not be allowed to “overwhelm” Macau’s gaming industry landscape. Some degrees of capping and curtailing will be a constant policy as from now on. Cotai Strip has to be redeveloped into a real Las Vegas entertainment hub with more aggressive Chinese capital involvement in order to stay on course.

2013 may be The DEADLINE for Macau casino industry


American casinos will be capped


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