A New Big Wave for Tourism by 2015

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Contributed by:  Philip Logan (regional tourism critic)

1st December 2010  Wed

With an area of 200,000 sq.m, more than 20 world-class theme park ride selctions, fastest rollercoaster ride (Formula Rossa); the newly opened Ferrari World at Abu Dhabi is really a heavy-weight in the arena of theme park entertainment offering.

Whether or not the Singapore IR’s Genting Sentosa Resorts “recalled” rollercoasters will be ready to reopen, that is far from the standard of what Abu Dhabi could do.

It is not surprising that the Ferrari World will soon become the benchmark of tourism attractions to be, setting the standards for future theme parks in developed countries and Asia. The 2014 South Korea Universal Studios is another new standard benchmark for the new tourism landscape.

To be leaders in the tourism destination attractions, man-made marvels like theme parks will no longer conform to the old DisneyLand formula and the Genting model. New world theme parks will have to encompass the following key elements to win over new generation of tourists.

The key elements are:

–  Big, bigger and biggest.  Small landscape theme park is out. (e.g. Genting Sentosa).  New generation tourists are looking for all-encompassing large space filled with innovative themes and technologies in order to extend their imagination and length of stay.

–  At the forefront of technology and real innovation.  Just another version of overly-marketed but low innovation and standard theme park rides or rollercoasters are no longer the anchor element.  Genting Sentosa is a case in point.  Affluent tourists are looking for somethign that they never heard off before and yet truly an experience of a life-time.  Ferrari World is taking a lead in this dream of excitment. (The Formula Rossa is based on F1 experiences and able to propel riders all the way to a top speed of 240km/hour).  That is innovation!!!

–  Speed sensation. This is one element that has been long embeded in human race.  Abu Dhabi Ferrari World is able to combine Speed and  and well known Sporting Event (F1) into one single theme to become a tourism mega attraction, stretching travel trade’s imagination.


Real innovation


Combines Big, Innovation & Speed into one single winning theme

Editor’s Comments:

We envisaged that Asian tourism’s new landscape will be pulled over by two major forces in play:  Highly innovative landscape of Abu Dhabi and the largest Universal studios theme park in South Korea by 2014.  (20X larger than Genting Sentosa IR theme park.)

Not to forget this near-the-corner Shanghia DisneyLand… 

Tourism relaying on just luxury goods shopping and casinos will be “neutralized” in the coming decade. A new big wave is rising…

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