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Posted: October 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

IR Casino Revenue For The 3rd Quarter
15 Oct 2010
Contributed by: Alan Koh

There have been many rumors and different expectations from industry analysts and investors, on Genting RWS’ 3rd quarter performance.

Here’s one set of theory that is being thrown to the market most recently. (See the chart).

The latest theory depicts a so-so scenario for the 3rd quarter performance for both the two IR casinos. More and more industry people observe some form of “unusually flat” outcome this time round for the forthcoming quarterly announcement.

The reasons that these people cited are,

* Lots of hot monies have been channeled to the stock market and property market investment instead of betting on casinos.

* VIP momentum has slowed down somewhat, the 3rd quarter will probably show a 30% spread (in total casino revenue) as compared to the 2nd quarter’s good luck factor coupled with new attraction.

* Slots revenue continued to grow by leaps & bounds in 3rd quarter, likely to push it to 40% spread as compared to 2nd quarter’s 35%.

* Mass table games revenue has been steadily climbing, likely to take a 30% spread as compared to 2nd quarter’s 25% on average.

Such revenue growth pattern is based on that Genting RWS is still holding on to 2/3 of the total casino market share for the Singapore IR. If that remains unchange, it is likely that overall casino revenue for the 3rd quarter may grow at least 20% more than the previous quarter.


Total IR casino revenues may grow by 20%


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