Can Sands MBS Fight Genting RWS?

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

27 Sept 2010  Mon

According To Web news Stories…

Disgruntled casino employees, particularly dealers, from Marina Bay Sands could be submitting their letters of resignation as early as Monday.

A social-networking website HWZ had a thread which suggested that there was a “mass resignation” of dealers early this month.

According to one employee with the integrated resort who declined to be named, he was aware of at least eight staff serving the VIP rooms who would be leaving this month.

“…..many dealers are unhappy over issues such as pay, hectic work schedules and training.”, he wrote.

Frustrated by issues such as not getting paid in a timely manner while on medical leave, unable to take leave, as well as the hectic schedules, more demanding work and being paid less than dealers at Resorts World Sentosa (the other integrated resort) were some fo the reasons given prompting the resignations.

1. No Night Allowances
2. Only Midnight Transport that cock up all the time
3. Our schedule can end on Sunday, and they still haven release the next schedule on Saturday.
4. The available leave for the WHOLE OF THIS YEAR is FULLY TAKEN.
5. They pay our tips wrongly. Deduct our pay when we are on MC stating “No MC Given”. Took them 2 weeks to pay us back.
6. They put up notices to ask dealers if they want to come back for OT to help COUNT AND SORT PLATES FOR THE F&B DEPARTMENT.

When interviewed by AsiaOne, one employee said that the reason why there could be an exodus of dealers submitting their resignation is because “their contract is up”.

“They have three months of training and are bonded for six months after that. If they want to leave early, they have to pay (for the training). Now that the six-month bond is up, many want to leave,” he said.

It is understood that the training for many dealers began in February. Their bond began on the day Marina Bay Sands opened its doors, which is April 27. So, their six-month bond ends on Oct 26.

If the dealers tender their resignation on Monday, that would give them about a month’s notice before their bond ends.

The employee said that he knew of at least three dealers who intend to quit next week. One of them had actually left a higher-paying job in the service industry to become a dealer as it was a new experience. The dealer even turned down an offer to work in a bank.

“The dealer regretted not taking up the bank job,” the employee said, adding that the dealer is now looking at either working in the Sentosa IR or in a bank.


All this happened in the midst of Singapore authority bans casino promotional activities to its local population.  So, can Marina Bay Sands fight Genting RWS’ strong Southeast Asian network as well as management style that’s better suited to this market?  It is interesting to watch the forthcoming announcement of the casinos’ 3rd quarter operasting results.

Limits set for the two IR casinos, no promotion to locals. More to come

Potentially to limit the frequency of local visitors like what China did to Macau


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