Singapore Casino Tea-cup Storm

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Throwing Out Bath Water With The Baby?

20 Sept 2010   MON

One writer expresses his dismay on the stoppage of free casino shuttle bus service to Singapore’s heartlander estates, quoting that it is an action  as if “throwing out bath water with the baby”!  Thus, he openly questions the wisdom of cabinet minister whether this is over-reacted and, depriving local families “such a great free service platform” going to the two Integrated Resorts for leisure purposes. 

What the writer does not understand is that, direct casino betting involvement is very different from betting on lottery and race-track books.  The phychological impact on indivudual involved in casino wager (7 days a week, 24 hours daily) is much more intense gambling behaviour, hence causing greater damages to individuals and families.  If the writer were to live in the USA or Australia or Macau, then he would truly understand the differences between normal lottery and real-life (all weather) casino betting as well as impact of social issues if it is not well regulated with swift action by any authority/jurisdiction.  Just imagine, if the Turf Club horse racing is opened up for 24/7 non-stop races; isn’t that the same grave impact like a casino?  

Another comment taken from an Internet chat-room is appended below:

“My friend, who works in one of the two casinos said that the $100 levy has worked to the strong advantages of the two casinos. Reasons are:

(1) Having paid the levy, Singaporeans will gamble more intensely and want to make full use of the 24 hours. Consequently, they were more tensed, more stressed and ended up losing more money;

(2) If not for the $100 levy, the whole casinos will be flooded with Singaporean uncles and aunties. This will affect the mood and access of foreigners.

These were the unintended consequences of the levy.”


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