Economy (& IR) Outlook Will Be Moderated

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Extracts of local news report

15 Sept 2010

Experts in economic sector as well as those who are in hotels and service apartment industries (Singapore) are indicating that in view of Asian economy as a whole will not be able to sustain the current surge in its expansion due to excess liquidity and economic output, which is already exceeding 18% overall.  it was reported that Singapore economy may just surf moderately at 4.5% level for next year.

If that scenario happens, it will mean that the current fever for the two Integrated Resorts will dip also, resulting a moderated growth in tourism or, a flat year instead.

So, the million-dollars question is:  Will Genting RWS continue to ride on top of the wave?   And what will happen to Marina Bay Sands then?  In view of MBS poor rallying power for convention/MICE business so far.  By next year, both the IRs will face some real challenges. 


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