Minefield for IR Casinos

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

10 Sept 2010 FRI

 This is a strong reminder of Singapore’s policy that local population should not be the major contributing source of income for IR casinos. It is up to the IRs to put in their best effort to bring in foreigners to gamble at casinos. That reminds us the famous statement by World-War II hero US general George Patton: “Let the enemy soldiers die for their country, not ours”.

Now that such direct casino marketing practice is under probe by the Singapore authority, Genting RWS is quick to voluntarily stop the running of free bus services (shuttle) to Singapore’s “heartland” estates like what Macau and Atlantic City are doing. Sorry, this is no Macau in the Lion City.

The move by Genting RWS would put Marina Bay Sands in rather difficult position. When MBS’ casino performance is already trailing far behind Genting, they are the one who critically need the local shuttle bus strategy to make casino floor works.



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